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Siteground is among the very recommended WordPress hosting firms. They’re famous for their top notch customer service and fast reliable hosting programs. Their WordPress optimized hosting includes all you will want to make and develop a successful site. Read our comprehensive SiteGround review to discover whether SiteGround is the ideal server for you.

Within this comprehensive SiteGround review, we’ll place their promises to check. These are the places We’ll look into:

  • Performance: Speed is critical for the achievement of your site. How quickly will your site load SiteGround?
  • Reliability: Can your site be accessible 24/7/365 without confronting any downtime?
  • Client Service: Could you rely on their customer care?
  • Characteristics: Can they provide all the features and tools you’ll have to construct your site?
  • Prices: Just how much it might cost you? Are there some SiteGround deals that will save you money?

Bottom line: Do not wish to read each detail? Let’s outline it to you. We discovered SiteGround to be markedly faster and extremely trustworthy. Their hosting plans are adaptable, and their customer service is just one of the very best in the business.

That is why we’ve selected to urge SiteGround among the finest WordPress hosting businesses. is advocated by several on various forums and blogs. It’s also formally suggested by, Joomla and Drupal.

SiteGround has gathered 800,000 domains globally, with information centers across the USA, Europe, as well as Asia. Not so bad, considering they started out with only 1 employee back in 2004, which makes them among the most adorable behemoths from the hosting business today.

That is an impressive ascent, therefore that they must do something right to attain such heights quicker than most of its predecessors.

But what? Decent uptime? Quick tons? Fantastic support? Extra premium features?

To be able to learn, we bought a SiteGround “Start-Up Plan” back in June 2015 and establish a default WordPress site (that can be viewed here).

The StartUp program supplies the most elementary set of attributes and lacks their renowned caching plugin — the SuperCacher that promote sites performance up to a number of occasions (available on GrowBig and GoGeek programs ).

Within a span of 24+ weeks, we have carefully examined their uptime, Speed and general functionality of the website. Along with this, we assessed their customer service to see flaws or misbehaviors.

Now let’s dive into our comprehensive SiteGround inspection, so you can observe just how we reached that decision and decide on your own.

Pros of SiteGround Hosting

The Main categories we examine internet host functionality include Bandwidth, Speed and service. All things considered, these three classes are the most crucial to your website’s success.

But, there are also a few additional regions where net hosts can place themselves apart from the contest, such as in additional plan attributes, which could positively contribute to their overall evaluation. SiteGround includes some, which we will dive into.

1. High Uptime (99.99percent )

All our testimonials derive from eight weeks of real data and raw data.

Rather than using ready-made applications alternatives, SiteGround favors In-house crafted alternatives to make sure high-quality hosting expertise.

Their stage is developed on Linux containers which offer excellent stability in times of sudden traffic spikes.
SiteGround was the first which introduced the accounts isolation technology for customer security.

They assembled their own proactive server monitoring system which monitors their servers every 0.5 seconds and proactively fixes any issues without human intervention, therefore ensuring excellent uptime.

Throughout this moment, our evaluation website on SiteGround had a typical uptime of 99.99percent , which will be .05% greater compared to 99.94% business standard and a guarantee from SiteGround.

They just had 10 outages in the previous season (2017). That is impressive as Internet Hosting Pad had 2000+ reverses.

But here is the ‘uptime’ comprehensive summary for this year (2018.)

Months (2018)

Uptime (Percentage)

















99.94% (till now.)

2. TOP 10 Load Time (716ms)

Over the Identical 8-month interval, our SiteGround test website saw average Page loading instances of 716ms — quicker than the 890ms typical load occasions we discovered from other internet hosts.

  • That is really good, one of the fastest we have seen.
  • It was VERY consistent. No spikes or slow loading times at all. Thus far, so great.
  • Last 8 month average load period


January typical rate: 730ms
February typical rate: 730ms
March moderate rate: 693ms
April typical rate: 735ms
May moderate rate: 733ms
June moderate rate: 701ms
July typical rate: 732ms
August(19’th) moderate rate: 678ms
In general, SiteGround is fairly quickly.

3. Customer Support

Customer support is 1 place where SiteGround pays particular attention. That is no small feat, when you think they’re processing over 1,500+ tickets, 800+ telephone calls and 2,000+ conversation asks every day.

More than 230 people at SiteGround are participated with client service only to make certain customers are taken care of and support is offered in three different languages — English, Italian and Spanish.

SiteGround provides service for well beyond just hosting related topics — their representatives help with CMS queries also. The official customer poll results introduced by SiteGround annually reveal that their customer satisfaction rate is continually scored over 96 percent. (2014, 2015, 2016).

Reviewing customer service is catchy. The same as the regional restaurant on Yelp, the most positive and many negative reviews are usually useless.

You can’t when problems are customer-caused or if somebody only struck that one amazing/horrible worker.

I have had a fantastic encounter with SiteGround. But that is really anecdotal. I like to check in”proxies” for client service. To put it differently, things that signify something about the culture & procedures of consumer care.

SiteGround does particularly well with some of those proxies. First, they are responsive and transparent across a variety of stations — such as a telephone.

Secondly, they have spent in a largely custom knowledge base with remarks on customer service tracking.

Third, it is clear that they spend a lot on their own workers because their workers really place on technical occasions to train developers.

Those variables and their endorsement from top profile WordPress core contributors places SiteGround’s client support at the expert column for me

4. Speed and Performance

Whenever someone types in your site’s speech, that request becomes sent to an internet hosting server for those files. When there certainly are a lot of factors in play website speed, it is mostly your hosting host’s task to send the requested files into the customer’s browser as promptly and as economically as possible.

SiteGround creates a lot of guarantees about site speed during their website. And out of all of the tests I conducted, they live up to what they promise.

Among the chief factors of the website, the speed is Time To First Byte (TTFB) i.e, how fast the host sends the first byte of the first document in response to your petition. Here is the way my SiteGround site tested out.

Besides rapid server functionality, SiteGround includes five main data centers across the world Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore. This matters because the physical space your site files need to journey things. And lots of significant web hosting manufacturers automatically assign clients to their data center often someplace in the center of the united states.

That is fine if the majority of your clients are in North America. But if your audience is concentrated regionally elsewhere on the planet, you would like your site files situated near them no matter where you’re. If you’re an Australian expat creating a website for the Australian/Asian marketplace — you will want your site to reside in Singapore, not Utah.

Last, SiteGround does a good job with the allocation of funds. By definition, a shared hosting server is sharing resources among many clients. So it is essential to find the allocation correctly. Most hosting firms will set quite low memory limitations on websites to maintain a throttle on functionality. So far as I could see out of my installs, SiteGround enables generousallocations with current computer software.

SiteGround’s functionality, rate, and reliability will be major specialists due to their merchandise.

5. PHP 7 service

WordPress users use MySQL and PHP to run their sites. The newest version of PHP is 7.1, but many web-hosting companies still provide PHP 5.6. Together with the SG optimizer, that is a free plugin to your hosting customers, using that you can quickly update from PHP 5.6 into PHP 7.0.

To know the amount of benefit that one little plugin can supply, understand that — using PHP 7.0 alone, the functioning of your WordPress website will almost double compared to PHP 5.6!

6. Free Website Migration

Free Website Migration

Unlike other hosting companies which put you back by a sum between $49 to $149, website migration is totally free on SiteGround. If you’re migrating out of your present hosting on Siteground, you are able to make the most of the free site migration.

A display like above will probably greet you when you log into your SiteGround dashboard where you are able to put a request to migrate your website at no cost. The migration requires anywhere between 5-6 hours to finish following that the sole job is to alter the domain name-server.

Aside from the Excellent features specified previously, SiteGround also boasts of:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • One click WordPress installment
  • Tech support comprises WordPress pros, which implies one-stop store for hosting along with WordPress
  • solutions
  • Safety at every degree
  • Initial hosting to encourage PHP7
  • Provides free SSL utilizing LetsEncrypt

SSL Offering Siteground

7. Free Security Add-Ons

Along with this security options available using their WordPress Managed hosting, SiteGround also provides additional security for websites of all sizes and shapes. Accessible tools include SpamAssassin and SpamExperts, IP address blocklists, Leech Protect, and hotlink protection.

You can also include HackAlert Tracking (a service that assesses your Site every day and informs you if it’s been compromised or hacked ) to get a measly $1 per month.

8. Easy E-Commerce Installs

E-commerce apps that power the internet’s top sites, such as Magento, Can be particularly difficult and debatable if you are not technically inclined.

Luckily, SiteGround eliminates a Whole Lot of the hassle by making it simple to pick out of 18 eCommerce software and set up your favorite one with 1 click. They also give multiple host locations, free CDN, PCI compliance, innovative caching solution for best site performance and fantastic clients’ experience. In terms of security, customer accounts are isolated from one another with a personalized server solution, meaning that if a single account has hacked others aren’t affected.

9. Cheap Pricing (On-Par with Additional Internet Hosts)

SiteGround provides quality hosting packed with additional features and they are generally not the least expensive option available, but currently, their prices are cost fitting some of the lowest priced in the industry (to $3.95 a month, down from $9.99 per month ).

Point is, for each one the stellar choices they do provide, now their pricing is a steal compared with other internet hosts of lesser quality.

10. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

SiteGround may not offer a free trial of the services, however, they Do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee that’s precisely the type of security you want if you’re trying to find a hosting company.

This way, you will have peace of mind. You do not need to completely devote To SiteGround unless you’re 100% satisfied with it on your first 30 days of usage.

But Some states apply to the host money back guarantee:

  • You have to post an agency cancellation petition via the User Area.
    Initial orders for hosting providers are insured only within thirty days from the day which SiteGround triggered the service(s).
  • Renewal orders aren’t covered.
  • Domain name and domain name coverage (ID Shield ) fees aren’t refundable. These charges may even be due upon cancellation, even if they’re waived as part of a marketing.
  • Committed and cloud hosting services, paid service, and third-party providers aren’t insured by the money-back guarantee.
  • Reseller bundles are only covered if the whole reseller package is canceled. This warranty does not apply to the conclusion of single accounts within a reseller package.

11. Free CDN and SSL Certificate

Another Fantastic advantage of utilizing SiteGround’s support is that each Plan they provide comes equipped with a free SSL certificate and CDN (content delivery network) integration. )

These attributes are a massive bonus…

Because of the proliferation of cyber attacks and site hacks, Google Has changed certain facets of their algorithm to prefer encrypted and secure sites. Namely, sites with an SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

Together with SiteGround, you will Get a free SSL certificate installation (which generally costs around $60) from’Let us Encrypt SSL’ which will immediately fortify your site’s security and search engine optimization.

Moreover, they have contained the free integration of Cloudflare’s CDN.

This means that Cloudflare will cache the content and data out of your Website on their international servers and deliver that information to your audience from a nearby site. So speeding up the shipping of your articles and enhancing the consumer experience for your customers.

12. Transparency and Community Service

SiteGround does have a challenge on transparency I pay in the Cons section. Though they do much as stated below, do also read about the exclusion that I wish they would fix.

SiteGround is transparent and supportive of neighborhood within an industry that’s usually pretty shut. It is refreshing to use a business that’s simple and supportive rather than coping with a giant firm that is short on specifics and long on merchandise upsells.

They have a very simple sign up process.

Siteground UpTime

They place an uptime track in their primary navigation.

They put the IP addresses of each of their information facilities on their website so you can check their rates in the place without needing to register for an account.

I enjoy how within their Aims under GoGeek they straight up tell you that you’ll have”fewer accounts in your server” The very fact that shared hosting firms have an incentive to shake as many sites on a server since possible is generally hushed up rather than said. To borrow an internet programmer stating, SiteGround turns that”bug” to a feature.

And such as I briefly said in Service, SiteGround spends a whole lot of money and time encouraging internet communities. Assembling and keeping communities such as WordPress and Joomla takes a great deal of volunteer hours and SiteGround does a excellent job encouraging them. They’ve sponsored, attended or spoke in more than 400 public occasions. Additionally, they get it done from Bulgaria with the traveling that involves.

Their transparency and neighborhood service is a significant pro since it suggests a deeper culture of investment at the long-term. If you are a client, that is a fantastic civilization to purchase from.

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround offers excellent uptime, page loading rates, and service. They offer a lot of nice ‘extras’ that will help seal the deal. But, there are a couple drawbacks to consider when shopping around.

Here they are:

1. “Setup Fee” for Maximum Billing

Here is the way most web hosts get you.

They market a obscenely low ‘monthly’ cost. The catch is that You frequently have to register for a couple of years so as to receive it. Most other internet hosts do not even offer you a real ‘month-to-month’ alternative, using a 1 year deal being the shortest they will go.

The Fantastic news is that SiteGround’s pricing is simple and Does not play that match. Their low advertised price is for the 12-month thing.

Conclusion? Do not pay monthly.

In addition, they do provide a real’monthly’ option if you would like it. AND it is the exact same low advertised cost. The one issue is they also bill a one-time’setup fee’ on those ‘month-to-month’ strategies of an additional $14.95.

And you do not actually learn about this Excess fee before the very Last second once you’re inputting your credit card details. That is enough for a’hidden’ price, which while not a massive dollar amount, remains rather annoying as it is not recorded anywhere else.

2. Plan Limitations

On a related note — I discovered their strategy limits to be a drawback in and of themselves. They restrict disk space across all of their shared programs — rather of domains or databases.

Shared hosting servers generally struggle to take care of many people on your website in precisely the exact same period (ie, you get mentioned on So average caps proceed after the amount of sites which are bringing in traffic, rather than the documents that just reside on the host.

I am positive SiteGround has excellent discussions for capping exactly what they cap — and it probably makes their support more dependable. And in fairness, their installation can definitely handle over 100k traffic if your site receives featured on a popular site as a one-time task, and they won’t suspend your accounts. Even in the event that you’ve had something go viral — you will understand that that is a *lot* of visitors.

And no host provides genuinely unlimited programs — there is always abuse limits detailed at the conditions of service. On the other hand, the reduced caps on storage area (particularly for StartUp programs ) ought to make some kinds of websites — picture or movie hefty — think twice about what they will be using, particularly when many hosts permit unlimited disk space, just subject to coverage misuse principles.

By way of instance, the area is good for a normal WordPress website, which utilizes ~2GB, however a complete beauty site or social media site may require much more image space — even though it does not generate a lot of traffic.

As I’ve mentioned in other testimonials with this drawback , the times of hosting firms promising”infinite” are coming to a conclusion. You will see that many hosting firms today speak about”unmetered” — and that’s the reason. As a customer, it is important to actually consider which kind of website (or websites ) you are likely to have, and concentrate on your precise requirements.

3. Developer Orientation

Every hosting firm has a first target market then attempts to expand outside to complementary markets (ie, they begin with a small company and extend out to agencies or medium companies ). SiteGround appears to place themselves towards the expert programmer marketplace, ie, programmers building sites for companies.

That is not a bad thing in itself — it is a fantastic thing if you are a programmer — but it will make it more challenging to appeal to a broader audience. Even though nearly all of SiteGround’s overall feel is easy and straightforward, most of the attributes don’t have a lot of charm or utilize for a general audience, particularly in contrast to other hosts such as Internet Hosting Hub, InMotion, Bluehost, HostGator, etc..

Their best tier program sells a WordPress staging area and Git integration. These are amazing capabilities. Nevertheless, the typical man developing a web site won’t use these. Not small programmers or bureaus utilize those for many customers.

SiteGround also does not give the selection of advertising bonuses which other hosting plans include — the Google AdWords credits, Facebook advertisement credits, free premium WordPress themes, the free iStockphoto credits, etc.. I used to believe those were worldwide, but they are not in SiteGround.

Their Website Builder software is okay, but it is not free to utilize. And it is nowhere near as easy as the BoldGrid WordPress-based Site builder which InMotion and Internet Hosting Hub possess .

In fairness, if you’re a client who appreciates advantage & onboarding over other variables — then I would also suggest taking a look at my site builder quiz including options past hosting firms.

In general, SiteGround’s appeal to programmers is fantastic. Even in the event that you don’t need all of the advanced features (which are largely from the GoGeek Plan anyhow ), then you certainly do not need to use them and they will be there once you do need them. SiteGround’s StartUp program is easy and straightforward. Again, it is about what features you’re searching for — and exactly what attributes you’re really planning to use.

SiteGround Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a Fast rundown of those hosting plans provided by SiteGround:

SiteGound Hosting Plans and Features

SiteGround provides shared hosting, hosting WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting plans. If you’re just beginning, then their shared hosting plans will be an ideal match for your requirements. Nonetheless, your website will gradually grow, and you also ought to ensure they have other programs which you may update to.

Let us check out SiteGround’s hosting plans along with their attributes.

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is suggested for new sites and novices. It’s acceptable for low traffic sites as you’ll be sharing resources with other sites hosted on the machine.
WordPress hosting: This plan is WordPress optimized variant of the shared hosting plan. It includes SiteGround’s in-house WordPress optimizations to enhance the performance of your site.
Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is a flexible upgrade to shared hosting. It permits you to use tools of numerous servers onto a cloud structure. It’s acceptable for growing sites, popular sites, or companies.
Dedicated servers: Dedicated servers supply you with a total host for your site. It’s more expensive but gives you much more power. The drawback is you will need to deal with the machine yourself.
Business hosting: This strategy is for big companies and higher traffic websites with hard host requirements. Get in contact with SiteGround staff and they’ll produce a tailor-made strategy to fit your requirements.

Shared Hosting: Their shared hosting includes three Chief strategies:

Siteground Shared Hosting Plans

The StartUp program: This program costs $3.95 a month and may host 1 site and is acceptable for newbies that are only beginning using their site. Can manage up to 10,000 unique visits each month also contains the very first amount of this SuperCacher plugin allowed that is static cache, 24/7 customer service, complimentary CDN, Let’s Encrypt SSL, Unlimited Emails & DBs, totally free website migration, complimentary daily backup, etc..
The GrowBig program: This program costs $5.95 a month and may host multiple sites and this strategy can manage up to 25,000 visits per month, a free SSL Wildcard for 1 year, 30 backup copies and complimentary revive, all 3-levels of those SuperCacher, which assists loading time tremendously, client service with priority, although SiteGround has remarkably quick response times, GrowBig and GoGeek customers are treated with priority.
Their GoGeek program: This program costs $11.95 a month and may host multiple sites and provides more distance, can manage as much as 100,000 visits per month, has all attributes of both of the other plans also 1-click WP staging, pre-installed git, PCI compliance and fewer accounts on the host.

All shared hosting plans include free email accounts, free CDN and infinite bandwidth. You will check the full features list here.

Domain: Domain prices start from $9.95
Benefits of Signup: Really simple, one-page sign-up procedure.
Payment Methods: Credit Card.
Hidden Charges and ClausesThey charge a $14.95 setup fee should you pay to their shared hosting plans monthly rather than yearly. Sad face: -LRB-. You would be much better than paying year upfront to prevent that.
Upsells: Couple Of… Nothing overly bad.
Account Activation: Fast account activation.
Control Panel and Dashboard Expertise: cPanel
Setup of Programs and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Fast and easy set up of popular programs and CMSs utilizing Softaculous.

Can We Recommend SiteGround?

Most certainly. SiteGround Is Ideal for those who Care profoundly about customer care, while not forfeiting quick page rates or remarkable uptime .

They also offer a Lot of additional features that May Be perfect For you personally if eCommerce/WordPress is your target, or in the event that you’d enjoy security to be dealt with by another person.

Presently, their pricing can be on par with many other hosts of Lesser quality, therefore it is the ideal time to behave and make the most. What are you waiting for? Proceed and enroll.

SiteGround Comparisons

Out of the most famous hosts that I’ve employed as a client or consultant, here is how SiteGround compares straight to each. Or jump to the finish.

SiteGround vs. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the largest brand in the internet hosting business. GoDaddy has better short-term and overall pricing. But, SiteGround’s technology and support are far better than GoDaddy, despite GoDaddy’s advancement in this area because 2013. If you don’t have grounds to go with GoDaddy, you are going to find a far better merchandise from SiteGround. I have written an whole article on SiteGround vs. GoDaddy here.

SiteGround vs. InMotion

InMotion Hosting is SiteGround’s large independent (ie, also not possessed by a large holding firm ), competitor. I utilize InMotion VPS for this particular Site. They have great attributes, knowledgeable support, and higher functionality. But, InMotion’s pricing is much better overall, especially when you factor in update fees. InMotion also includes a more warranty (90 times ), better onboarding, and blank WordPress installs. On the reverse side, SiteGround has features like automatic dialing, free SSL, and international data centers. I utilize InMotion for the majority of my endeavors, but SiteGround is a good choice too, particularly in the event that you appreciate their specific capabilities.

SiteGround vs. Bluehost

Bluehost is just one of Endurance International’s most well-known brands. They conquer SiteGround on pricing. But, SiteGround does better with functionality and heart hosting attributes whereas Bluehost has greater”bonuses” and unwanted updates. If performance matters more to you — then cover a bit additional for SiteGround. If you are only running a simple, easy job, subsequently Bluehost is very good.

SiteGround vs. HostGator

HostGator is just one of Endurance International’s other famous brands. They’re best known for supplying very good web hosting with unmetered characteristics for really inexpensive rates. I use them to get little private endeavors — and they conquer SiteGround on core and pricing hosting features. But, SiteGround has improved support and functionality. So again, involving these, proceed with SiteGround for much better value & much better functionality and HostGator for greater (or short-term ) pricing or unmetered attributes.


There is a motive SiteGround Hosting is among the fastest growing independent hosting companies. They have a good product and a fantastic support. Being headquartered in Bulgaria permits them to be far more internationally oriented than most US businesses while offering a really world-class item. If they’d disclose or eliminate their auto-WordPress setup, they’d be much better.

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