How Google and Bing choose news stories for search 

Although both search engines use algorithms that are largely a black box to outsiders, their own descriptions of how they rank news are largely the same. Both determine which stories to feature based on their judgement of a source’s relevance and authority, though Bing also weighs “readability” and “originality” into its rankings.

Here’s how the two search engines determine what news to display.

When Google’s algorithm chooses which top news stories to display, it takes into account freshness, relevancy and authoritativeness, according to The Associated Press. It chooses which stories have “authority” based on judgments about the site publishing them, guided by fine-tuning from a group of 10,000-plus employees known as search quality raters who judge authority based on recommendations from professional societies, as well as factors like whether the outlet has won Pulitzer Prizes, clearly labels advertising or may intentionally deceive users.

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