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From exploring some of the world’s best-known sights, to finding your way to somewhere new ahead of making the journey, there’s countless reasons why people use the Google Maps  Street View function. The cameras offer a window on the world, meaning you can see what a place is like – without even having to set foot outside of your door. It all happens thanks to the Google cameras, which capture the moment in real life – before it’s uploaded onto Google. However, it seems that two people unknowingly fell victim to a rather unfortunate run-in with the search engine’s tool.

The incident saw the pair in question spending time with friends on a beach in Leblon, Brazil.

The very innocent mix-up occurred as the group sat on towels in the sunshine.

In the capture, it seems that the two were sitting in a rather bizarre position.

However, upon a closer look, it’s very apparent that this is not due to the duo themselves.

Instead, there has clearly been a technical glitch with the Google cameras – which has caused their bodies to look very different than to what you may expect.

While they were obviously sitting beside one another, the technical hiccup makes it seem as though the woman’s neck and head is coming out of her knees.

In fact, as she gazes over at a pal, her upper torso appears to be totally absent.

Meanwhile, the close proximity of the man sitting beside her makes it seem as though his upper body is connected with hers.

This is not the first time that bodies have appeared to be entangled on Google Maps.

The issue – known as photography splicing – can be caused due to the way that the images are assembled.

The cameras shoot content at 360 degrees, with the photos being fixed together in order to – usually – create a seamless image.

However, when there is movement within the scene, this can create a bizarre shift in the finished capture.

Another location which has been filmed by the Google cameras also featured a rather unfortunate issue.

The road, in the area of Aldgate, London, shows the busy road.

However, as Google Street View users make their way along the high street, the screen suddenly goes dark.

This dramatic change came about due to the different timing of the sections being filmed by the cameras – with the latter being filmed without daylight.

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